#11 [1.11.17]

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I detest sitting through trainings for work! Sometimes it is necessary as in the field I work on there is always changes or all together new information that is needed to better do the job, and provide for the community. Today was not one of those days.  The half a day training which I was required to go to because … ? Well that is just it, I still don’t know.

It’s a job function that I don’t do. And I have learned to stay in my lane when it comes to work I do my job function but I don’t paddle my canoe into the lane of a different job function that a different worker is supposed to do. It has nothing to do with not wanting to be helpful to a coworker, but I think if someone is a primary work another worker’s idea of what should be done gets in the way to a client. There can only be one head chef right?

My work day starts early, but I was not going to drive across town to work, only to get to my desk, then have to leave and drive across town again to where the training was being located. So what is the next best thing??? Getting to the training and hour early, sipping on Starbucks and listening to political crap on the radio. I got to listen to the first bit of Trump’s press conference  (waste of time), but I started the day with Navigation and Starbucks. The training…

…well I tried to let it go in one ear and out the others, but what did I do during…

I ASKED QUESTIONS. Yes, I am crazy. Asking questions about this or that when it is nothing that pertains to my job!