#10 [1.10.17]

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Being a grandmother can be all consuming (in a good way). I knew the unconditional love between a mother and child, but I had no way of knowing the feelings of a grandmother and grandchild. My friends would talk about it and while I  was so happy for them, it really wasn’t something I could say “me too” about.

This story has a few hiccups in it so I will just say that when BJR was born I felt like the Grinch whose heart grew even bigger!! That isn’t to say that I had a Grinch-ish heart, but the mother, wife, friend, helper, care-giver heart grew even larger.

The normal weekend is resting, laying around covered in a comfortable blanket watching television and shutting down my mind. It is the me time that the older I get is required to decompress from work and all the BS of life. My days now are filled with work ( as usual) but in feeling wonderful when I receive a text message from my daughter showing how cute my grandson is. BJR at his worst, and at his best – it’s all cute to me. It’s all I can do is wait for the weekend and hope that I can go visit the cutest little creature on earth. I always said I had the cutest kids ever born (their newborn pictures), but don’t all us mothers say that about our children!! Now I can say, though I still think all my children were gorgeous at birth -BJR beats that cuteness by miles and miles.

I know I can’t see him every weekend. Mommy and Daddy need a life, and I can’t expect every weekend, but the miracle here is I want to go. I usually want to hide away in the house and recoup from a long week – and now I want to drive the 2 hours to go hug and kiss and the sweetest little boy ever!!

This grams just can’t get enough of the little man. I change my phone wallpaper routinely  – and of course so far all pictures of BJR. He’s so adorable just looking at the image on my phone for a few seconds brings a smile to my face and can lighten my mood and help brighten my day.

The hiccup is something I don’t understand how to explain, but I will say the hiccup doesn’t take away from the love and happiness that fills me since I became GRAMS! (the hands on type)