#9 [1.9.17]

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I talked about being a unicorn. That magical creature that people say rarely exists, but I have embraced the thought there is a little to an infinite amount of unicorn in each and everyone of us.

I talked about learning twitter and snapchat – well I can say I haven’t mastered those but before I deleted the snapchat account I had that I didn’t know how to use I did learn how to make the pictures funny, cute and out right silly.

So I created the unicorn I am. Today I needed it. A hard work day. Death, comforting children and family, and finding compassion even when inside you feel something different for one aspect of the entire situation.

My word today was: PURPOSE. I had a purpose to serve others in need.

Today the quote that touched me:

I have not been so unhappy as I am today for a long time, and I wanted so much to talk about it.

Anna Akhmatov
And now I have, at least in a small way.